What are the Benefits of WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting  is, in most cases the ideal hosting for WP websites. Not only does it provide great performance owing to the fact that it is configure to be highly compatible with WordPress, but it also provides a range of WordPress management features. This makes it very easy for website owners to manage and maintain the website without having to allocate additional resources to do the same. Although different hosting providers provide different features, we will talk about the benefits of WordPress Hosting.

Highly compatible with WordPress

Enhances the performance of WP websites.

WordPress is pre-install to provide a plug and play environment for developers.

Automatic WordPress updates to keep you up to date all the time.

Cloud-based hosting infrastructure that provides a high level of scalability.

Automated backups using CodeGuard.

Daily malware scanning and security with SiteLock.

Pre-installed plugins that make your job easier

Managed services that take-up WordPress maintenance.

To get a better understanding of the benefits of WP Hosting, let’s look at them individually in detail.


Every software will have its own system requirements that determine how efficiently the software will function. With that in mind, even WordPress as a software has its ideal system requirements. WordPress Hosting ensures that the hardware, firmware, and software configuration is highly compatible so that it runs efficiently.
Having a system that is compatible ensures that you do not run into performance issues and system freezes. If the system does not function properly, the hosted website may crash, or temporarily be out of service which will have serious implications on the website’s authority and visitor’s experience.

2.WordPress is Pre-Installed:

Developers who take up WordPress projects regularly would love this feature. With WordPress pre-installed, you have no need to spend time downloading and installing the CMS on the server. You just purchase the plan and begin developing the website. This saves a lot of time and you never have to worry about compatibility issues.

3.Automatic WordPress Updates:

Another important benefit for WordPress Hosting is automatic WordPress updates. Every update that is release comes with a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. If your instance of WordPress hosting is not up-to-date, not only will you lose out on these essential improvements and bug fixes, but also become more susceptible to external security threats. The automatic update feature of WP Hosting ensures that you are cover on this front. At times, the website you are hosting is not compatible with newer versions of WordPress. Although this scenario is very rare, it still persists. In such cases, turning off automatic updates is just a switch flip away.

4.Cloud-Based Hosting:

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress Hosting plans is that the hosting is Cloud-Base. Which means the advantages of Cloud Hosting are cascade to the WordPress Hosting. These advantages include scalability at the click of a button and a high level of reliability as there is no single point of failure.

5.Great Security and Backup:

Our WordPress hosting packages provide the option to include premium website security and backup tools. One of them being CodeGuard, which automatically take website backup periodically so that you have enough restore points in case of a disaster. The other tool that our WP Hosting contains is SiteLock. This software regularly monitors the website for malware and security threats and notifies you to take necessary action. SiteLock can also be configure in order to deal with security threats automatically in case of an encounter.

6.Managed Services:

Another very useful advantage is the inclusion of managed services. What this means is that the WP Hosting team takes care of dealing with all your website maintenance tasks. Without managed services, you as the website owner are responsible for taking care of the WordPress maintenance which requires resources. Managed services include a barrage of activities like scalability of hosting resources such as CPU, RAM and storage space. As your website grows, you will need more hosting resources to handle the incoming traffic load. This can be easily done by the manage team without you having to worry about the specifics.
Another example of manage services is the optimization of the WP Database. The WP Database hold all the important information of your website such as pages, posts, form entries, cookies, plugin settings, theme settings etc. As your website grows, this database becomes bulky. Bulky WP databases are usually slow and need to optimize so that they do not affect the overall speed of the website. The managed hosting team takes care of this on their own without you having to intervene.

As you can see from the above information, WordPress Hosting brings a lot of advantages to the table and should definitely be consider for WordPress sites of all sizes. If you have any questions or if you require any clarity on the benefits of WordPress Hosting, please feel free to reach out to us or pen down your thoughts in the comments section below. We can more than happy to read through them and get back to you. If you are interest in looking at various WordPress Hosting plans available at Webzworld, please have a look here.

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