cPanel Tutorial for Beginners 

No matter whether you are a web developer or a website owner? Understanding the meaning, features, technical principles, and the complete tutorial is essential for every person who is the owner of a domain. This blog helps you to know the complete cPanel tutorial 2022. It is the updated blog, so we uniquely add all possible information.

For a website owner, several key factors are crucial to ensure the success, usability, and effectiveness of their website. Website owner must prioritize several critical aspects to ensure the effectiveness and success of their online presence.

When you buy cPanel hosting from a web services company, you need to check the complete features and tutorials of this web server category to run your website.

Finally, if you buy a domain and a hosting plan and now thinking to start becoming familiar with cPanel is crucial.

1). What is cPanel?

It is a control panel of your web hosting account. You can do all actions for managing your multiple websites from the cPanel account. It is a web hosting control software developed by cPanel, LLC. This tool has a graphical interface and various automation tools to run the website hosting process.

All website hosting companies offers the cPanel option in the hosting account to make the easy-to-use dashboard, regular updates, and security and privacy measures.

cPanel is the part of-

cPanel is part of your web hosting. That means when you buy the hosting web package from the service provider; then you can get access to the cPanel. Otherwise, you can’t. There are so many uses and benefits of cPanel that you need to know.

2). How to Use cPanel?

Many people even don’t know about the process of using cPanel. First, to use the cPanel, you must log in with the user ID and password. Here is the complete guide related to the components, use and more information.  

3). Functions of cPanel:

1). Add a domain on the server.

2). Set up professional emails for the website.

3). Install WordPress and other website development frameworks on your domain

4). Take back up of your website

5). Upload files to the server

6). Check your bandwidth and other usage data.

7). Change and update various security settings.

8). Create a new database and manage the current ones.

How Do I Login to cPanel?

If you never log in with your cPanel account, you can get the username and password from the hosting service provider. Most hosting companies also provide the cPanel login link to the customers. If you cannot log in to your cPanel account, you can get in touch with the support team to know “how to access cPanel”.

More About cPanel Interface: 

1). First, you need to do the cPanel login.

2). Land at the cPanel Tutorial Dashboard.

3). The version of cPanel is known as “Paper Lantern”.

4). Browse the various menu of cPanel.

cPanel is Simple & Easy to Use:

Maybe you think that cPanel is diplomatic to use, but you are wrong .cPanel is simple and easy to use because of its various features, and every feature has a guide to use this account. cPanel is part of your web hosting. Without buying hosting, you can’t use cPanel.

What Can You Do in cPanel?

There are different parts of cPanel such as File Manager, Databases, Domains, Metrics, Software, Security, Email, Applications, Preferences and Advanced.

1). File Manager: 

File manager is the first and foremost component you can explore in the cPanel. This section is vast, and you can easily update and edit the files. Manage the FTP accounts, connections, directory privacy, and daily backups.

2). Databases:

It is the most crucial section in the cPanel account. Here you can manage the database files of various domains.

3). Domains:

Even if you are thinking of managing the domains, you need to log in at the cPanel because it is the center or significant place where you can view and update the domain information hassle-free.

4). Security:

Managing SSL and TSL for security and privacy goals is possible once you log in with the cPanel account. Here you can install the SSL certificate in the domains for HTTPS security.

The Bottom Line:

Hence, these are the things that you need to know about the cPanel Tutorial for Beginners. We hope this information is reasonably practical and helpful for you to understand the use, role, component and benefits of cPanel.

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