Step By Step Process to Migrate From Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting that works best for static websites and websites that need limited traffic and bandwidth. But if your business does well online and there is a need that you feel where in you do not want to compromise on your performance, security, storage, disk space, bandwidth, or even RAM resources, then choosing VPS hosting service is like taking a positive step. 

With your current shared hosting, switching to VPS hosting could get difficult or even troublesome. Especially if you have little technical understanding. But truth be told, you don’t need to be an expert. It can be made a lot simpler. 

How to switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting? If you have opted for a self-managed VPS hosting solution, you may need to manually transfer your website data from your old account to your new account. With this article, we want to address how you can do the same step by step. 

 In this case, you can follow these simple steps:   

1.Secure your website 

 First, copy your site files and associated databases so you can safely move them to the new server. To do this, log in to the Control Panel using your current web server. For files, you can use an FTP client like Filezilla (opens in a new tab) to connect to your hosting account. Find the file on your website (usually in the root folder) and click Export. It creates an archive of your website data. As for the database, you can find the phpMyAdmin tool in the control panel. Once imported, find the appropriate database and click Export. After confirming all the information, click Go to complete the process.  If you also want to maintain email correspondence, be sure to download the messages using your email client before proceeding.  

2.Configure VPS 

Web hosting providers often take this step, but self-managed VPS owners may need to. Most servers use the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), but you can also configure other server technologies. Ask your provider about available options.

3.Upload website data to new VPS 

Now it’s time to move the backup from step 1 to our new virtual server. This can be easily done over a secure SSH connection. All you need is the location and destination of the backup file on the server. Your command will look like this:  


 scp ~ / Downloads / backup_db.sql.gz username @ server_ip address:  


 username scp ~/Downloads/wp-content.zip@server_ip_address  


Alternatively, your FTP client can also take care of this task.  To easily restore the database, go to the phpMyAdmin section of the control panel. Navigate to the new database and select Import. This allows you to select a database repository from your local computer and upload it to your server.  

4.Check all 

After migrating the shared hosting account to the new VPS, it’s time to check if everything is working properly. Try to load your site and test all relevant plugins to make sure there are no errors during the conversion.  

5.Enter your domain DNS 

Your website can run entirely on a VPS platform, but you also need to let your domain know where to find it. To do this, go to your domain registrar account (opens in a new tab) and find the option to change the nameservers. Pointing to a nameserver is as easy as entering the name of your VPS provider and saving it. Please note that there is a rollout period after the change, so it may take 24-48 hours for the change to take effect worldwide. 


Ensure that there are no more files remaining inside your shared hosting folders and that you have taken the whole back up of the same. Double-check if necessary. We may not do that on purpose but it is human nature to leave some trails behind.  

We hope that with this article you have understood how to migrate from shared hosting to VPS hosting in a stepwise manner. In case you have any doubts, please share them in the feedback section below.

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