Importance of Backing Up Data On Your Dedicated Server and How To Do It?

Importance of Backing Up Data On Your Dedicated Server, Losing important and sensitive business data is inevitable and proves to be hazardous for businesses—resulting in loss of customers, sales, reputation, and business credibility.   

You can lose data because of several reasons—including human errors, hardware failure, cyberattacks or data breaches, or even natural disasters. If you lose the data due to any of these reasons—you’ll have to spend the time and effort to build your website from scratch.   

Fortunately, data backup helps prevent this and lets you take your business online in no time with no effort.  

Hence, you need to secure your data on a Dedicated Server to prevent data losses and ensure maximum data security and integrity.  

In this article, we’ll see the importance of performing data backups on your Dedicated Server and how to go about the same. So, let’s dive right in! 

Why is Data Backup on a Dedicated Server important? 

Dedicated Servers are the most secure, powerful, and robust Web Hosting Servers that provide an optimal solution to backup website data. Data backup creates a copy or replica of your website data and stores it in another server location—allowing you to recover that data whenever required or during data losses.  

Data losses can either happen accidentally or purposely due to the malicious entities or viruses in your systems.  

However, businesses and corporations with huge amounts of data and sensitive customer information use a Dedicated Web Hosting Server to store website backup.  

Now that we’ve seen the importance of data backup–-let’s look at some ways to backup data on your Dedicated Server.  

Ways to Backup Website Data on a Dedicated Server 

Dedicated Server Hosting comes in two types—Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting.  

When you choose the Managed Dedicated Hosting solution—your web hosting company will take care of the backend technical tasks and activities like data backup and recovery, security, server upkeep, and more.  

However, if you choose an Unmanaged or Self-managed Dedicated Hosting plan, here are some critical ways to backup data on your Dedicated Web Server.  

1. Cloud backup 

 There are many different cloud website backup solutions available, and it’s a secure way to store your website data and protect it against online threats.  

Thus, if you have your website hosted on a Dedicated Server or own an eCommerce website and possess a large amount of data—cloud backup won’t be the most suitable option for your business.

2. cPanel backup

 cPanel is a user-friendly and intuitive control panel for Dedicated Server Hosting that offers a built-in backup option for your website.  

From the cPanel menu—you can directly backup your website data and determine where to store the backup per your specific needs and requirements.  

It’s the most simple and convenient backup solution—especially if you do not wish to opt for the Managed Dedicated Web Hosting plan.  

3. Acronis backup 

Acronis Cyber Backup is the most robust, reliable, and scalable website backup solution for your entire system.  

Its comes with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and makes taking backup easy for those without technical skills or expertise. It also offers high flexibility—allowing you to choose the backup intervals, including daily, weekly, or monthly backups.  

It provides multiple data center locations—allowing you to choose where to store your data backup.


  Performing regular data backup is the need of the hour and should be non-negotiable for any business. Considering the increasing cybersecurity attacks and data breaches—backing up your data on a Dedicated Server provides an accessible, secure, and reliable way to recover data whenever needed. 

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