How to Make an Ideal Landing Page for Hosting Business?

They say you never get a second chance to create a  good impression especially in a competitive industry like web hosting. Make an Ideal Landing Page for Hosting Business Bringing prospects to your website is enough of a challenge, but when they click on it, you’ll only get their attention with something more engaging than your social media, emails, or search results pages. That too only for a few seconds.

This is where the landing page comes in. Effective landing pages can make a hell of a difference to your reseller hosting business. A good landing page turns an interested visitor into a customer, but an average landing page where best practices are not followed will waste your initial marketing budget. 

In this article, we are going to talk about what goes into making a good landing page. We will also provide you with some tips on creating fantastic landing page conversions that can attract users.

So, what is a landing page? 

A landing page is a page on your site, but unlike the home page, it is usually different from the standard product page. It is independent and adheres to a particular marketing campaign with a clear purpose. The goal of hosting a reseller product is usually to get people to sign up for a hosting account. You might think it sounds like a standard product page, but it’s not. 

There is a product page where you can view your hosting service in the hope that your visitors will sign up. However, while product pages are usually of a general nature, landing pages are specific, purposeful, and audience-oriented. 

An ideal journey of a customer begins with the customer clicking on an ad, or a post on social media, or viewing search engine results. Thus they “Land” on a single landing page that takes them to the next stage of their journey, including products, contact information, and other information.

Goals are usually represent as a call to action (CTA) that is prominently displayed on the page. If visitors respond positively to the CTA, they are said to have been converted. The landing page is a conversion engine and has all the elements to increase the chances of a visitor converting.

What makes the landing page effective? 

1.An effective landing page contains three important features. Firstly, it- 

2.Responds to well-defined audience interests, 

3.Focuses on how your product helps your customers, and 

Helps you to optimize results over time to improve conversion rates.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these characteristics.

A ). Focus on a particular segment

Effective market campaigns are categorize according to various criteria. As a reseller hosting provider, you can segment your market based on the usage of your host, e.g. WordPress blogs, corporate websites, or photo collections. Each section has needs and interests and offers a wide variety of promotional messaging and content marketing. The same goes for landing pages. 

This is one of the main differences between a landing page and a standard product page. The product page presents the product in the usual way, but the ideal landing page is advertise in a target group-orient manner. For example, you can promote a poster for photographers on Facebook. This includes a link to a landing page that explains why the service is good at hosting your image collection.

B ).  Focus is on the features and benefits

Why do potential customers need to choose a hosting platform over their competitors? For technical clients, the server spec is the solution, but most people are convinced that it’s the benefits more than features. A 1Gbps network connection with a redundant bandwidth provider is a great feature. However, a highly reliable host that supports low latency and a fast shopping experience is an advantage for an e-merchant.

C ). Can be optimized over time

The first version of the landing page is unlikely to be the best version, and the most effective landing pages are the result of testing and repetition. Make changes and test with live traffic to see if conversions increase. If it increases, the new version will replace the old version.

What does the structure of a landing page for a reseller hosting service look like?

Now that we have in theory what an effective landing page must have, let’s understand something more specific. Here are the six main components of a high conversion landing page.

1.Simple design – The landing page is part of your website, but it doesn’t require all of the design elements and features. It should be simple and focused, and all graphic and textual elements should support the conversion goal. Some site designers disable web navigation and other menus to reduce the distractions that can distract visitors from on-screen posts.

2.Hero Image, main headline, and supporting copy/text – Take a look at the image above, you will see a great title, a captivating hero image, and effective copy for the viewer that briefly describes the benefits of this service. These elements are the first thing visitors see and work together to deliver a consistent and direct message.

3.Call to action– The call to action is the focus of the page. Copy needs to be concise, accurate, and highlight key benefits like free trials, useful information, and a great web hosting experience. Color and contrast help keep behaviors off the screen. 

4.Simple pricing information – Web hosting customers want to know how much they are paying and what they are getting for their money. While some industries can cheat on prices, hosting is very competitive and it’s a good idea to be clear. Ideally, include a simple pricing matrix that highlights the most cost-effective design for your landing page audience.

5.Subheads with copy – A simple landing page may only contain the elements described, but it goes one step further with the original subtitles and a short copy that explains the benefits of using a web host. Excellent support, intuitive cPanel interface, managed services, etc. 

6.Social Proof – People expect you to say that your hosting service is better than what your competitors are offering. That may be true, but you need proof because everyone is saying the same thing. This can be social evidence in the form of customer feedback, ratings, third-party endorsements like testimonials and awards, or links to resources like blog posts and white papers that demonstrate expertise.

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