How to Avoid 5 Common Reseller Hosting Issues

If you are thinking of buying reseller web hosting, you must know that becoming a reseller is not an easy job. It’s almost like having your own business and running it with the energy that any business would. And just like any other business, you will need an in-depth understanding of the industry, its customers, their expectations, etc. Now, with reseller hosting in particular, though it can be a fantastic way and means to earn money, some troubles with web hosting providers could make it tougher than it has to be. One of the most critical decisions you can make whilst determining to grow to be a reseller is deciding on a web hosting provider that allows aiding your success as a reseller host. Now that can happen if and only when the provider themself is secure and follows all the right practices. But how would you know if they are?

With this article, we seek to highlight 5 common reseller hosting issues made by resellers and how one can go about resolving host issues. So, without any delay, here are some of the common reseller hosting issues.

1. Gauging customer expectations

You have to be very clear about what you provide in your reseller web hosting business. In fact, it should be in writing so that it could be referenced in the event of a misunderstanding. Avoid overselling your offerings. Make a listing of what you wish to offer and break it down by time and price. If you do not provide the services you have said you may provide, your web hosting clients will lose trust within you and never again do any kind of business with you. This can also affect the future of your enterprise.

In order to overcome these issues with web hosting services, understand what your customers want in advance. Maybe do a small dipstick survey in web hosting communities and understand how the world of web hosting and reseller hosting is evolving. Create segments of these customers so that you will be able to resell what you want to the right customer.

2. Understand the world of web hosting better

Like we said in the above paragraph, understand how the world of web hosting and reseller hosting works. If you want to resell web hosting, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about the web hosting industry and how it works – or you’ll need to have someone with technical knowledge. Without knowledge of websites and how hosting works, you can misunderstand customer needs and Failure to understand websites and their web hosting requirements can create unnecessary conflicts with your customers. In short, the first pointer and this pointer are interconnected because customers in the hosting context need to be understood and so is their relationship with the category.

Assessing the needs of your customers will help you retain them and even those whose businesses need amends. This habit of giving positive experiences will make your service stand out in the reseller hosting market for sure.

3. Understanding proper access rights and permissions of your hosting

This is one of the most common mistakes made by all the resellers in the beginning. They lack an understanding of the required access rights and permissions that a website may require. For instance, there may be a client site plug-in pointing to an external resource and the port may need to be opened. So, in this case, the access depends on the hosting solution you choose. In some cases, you’ll need to speak with the technical support of your reseller hosting providers. So, whenever the situation arises, ensure that you are aware of this.

4. Provisioning of technical support

One of the differentiating services of an internet hosting issuer is a technical guide. If you are a web hosting reseller and you no longer offer well-timed and informative guides mers. If you do not have technical understanding yourself, you will need to ensure you’ve got access

One of the reasons tech support has become of prime importance is because of the increasing importance of websites and the sales happening through them around the year. That is just one. Another reason is that not everyone understands the technicalities involved. Hence, it is even more important that you understand it thoroughly.

5. Using the business software to manage reseller hosting

Failure to understand the business software of your reseller hosting solution can cause problems for your customers and your own profits. Very often, Make sure you understand software like WHMCS and cPanel. Understand exactly how these types of apps work and avoid potential billing issues while managing your reseller hosting more easily. In fact, hosting services will provide software that will help you automate your hosting business.

On the whole, if you see, if you are cognizant of these factors, it is not very hard to not go overboard with reseller hosting issues. You can, in fact, curb them right in the very beginning.


We hope that you have understood how you can avoid these common mistakes made by resellers With this small guide of sorts, we believe that you can be much ahead of others Though it will take time, these basics, if you are aware of them Here is hoping that you have enjoyed reading ‘hoy to avoid 5 common reseller hosting issues’. In case you have any doubts or queries about these, please leave your feedback in the comments section below. We will answer them one by one

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