Get these Tools And Applications For A Successful Reseller Business

With people preferring contactless communications and transactions, more and more businesses are looking to build an online presence. One of the primary requisites for a successful website is the right hosting platform. For a new site owner, especially someone unaware of the technical requirements, having a hosting provider that offers customized plans, personalized support and handholding is critical. This is where Reseller Hosting comes in.

A Web Hosting Reseller business is where you buy server resources in bulk and re-rent those resources to your own customers as independent hosting plans. Reseller Hosting exists as a viable business model because people are willing to pay more for a more customized hosting experience with greater customer support and niche plans for their businesses. 

Web hosting tools and applications for a Hosting Reseller

Custom plan creator

One of the most important reasons why someone would choose a Hosting Reseller is the fact that they can get a hosting plan that’s completely customize for them. When you are reselling hosting services, you’ll have to pick a niche that you want to target and curate custom plans that meet the needs of that niche perfectly. 

For example, if your target customers are new bloggers, you’ll need cheap plans (because most bloggers start off without a lot of capital) that may not be the most powerful but have a lot of storage, given that bloggers upload new content all the time. Alternatively, an e-commerce website will need storage, security and scalability. 

To create custom plans like these, you’ll need a hosting plan creator application.

A good control panel

A control panel is one of the crucial web hosting applications and is at the heart of a Reseller Hosting business. It allows you to add customers, remove customers, assign plans, upgrade plans, apply discounts, and even communicate with your customers. 

There are a number of control panels on the market. Applications like cPanel for Linux Reseller Hosting and Plesk for Windows Reseller Hosting are popular because of their rich feature set and the fact that most leading web hosting companies reintegrate them with the hosting plans. Make a point to go with a parent hosting company that offers leading and reliable control panels with their hosting plans.

Cloud-based security applications

While the parent hosting company takes steps to protect its servers, the fact is that it may not be enough. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and it’s always prudent to use a security tool that can protect you better. 

There are numerous cloud-base security applications that are specifically design for small businesses with easy payment models that you can use and even offer your customers. These programs use enterprise-level antivirus tools, malware scanners and removal tools, and a daily, comprehensive scanning routine to ensure that your customers are always safe from cybercrimes.

One of the popular and cost-effective cloud-based security applications available for web hosting platforms is the SiteLock Website Security application. ResellerClub offers SiteLock with its Reseller Hosting plans, and it can be seamlessly integrate with your account.

Billing and Task automation tools

There are a variety of tools online, all geared towards making your business more efficient. Account management, email and spam, database management, website statistics — these are just some of the things that you can automate. Billing automation tools are especially helpful for Reseller Hosting businesses. You can integrate these tools with your existing billing software or use them as standalone applications.

As a Reseller Hosting provider, you’ll be managing a number of hosting accounts, each with its own hosting and payment plan. The best way to keep track of all these accounts and their payment details is to simply use a billing software. 

A billing software can keep track of different accounts, the payment plan for each account, and the billing cycle. This way, you can send your invoices on time, keep track of the payments that are being payments that are pending, and the money that you are still owe. 

Web Host Manager Complete Solutions, more commonly known as WHMCS, is a popular automatic billing application available with a Web Hosting Reseller Business plan. Automatic billing software can send invoices, collect payments, send reminders to your customers, keep track of the payments that are made

Customer service tools

This is perhaps the biggest selling point of Reseller Hosting plans. A lot of people who start websites aren’t necessarily tech or hosting savvy and will need some help setting things up. 

As a Reseller Hosting service provider, your customer support can make or break your business. There are multiple channels through which customer support can be provided and your users expect you to offer as many channels as you can, meaning that you need quite a few tools here. 

For starters, you’ll need a chatbot to provide solutions to the simplest of problems. Chatbots are getting better by the day and are now fully used in the customer support industry. 

Additionally, you’ll need full-fledged customer support tracking software. These are tools through which you can create tickets, create workflows for each ticket, monitor the progress of each ticket, create funnels through which these customer support tickets have to pass.

This may seem like overkill in the beginning but as your business grows and you’ll see that you absolutely need a program of some sort to manage all the tickets that are raise. These programs will have to be able to track everything .

The only way to do this is by investing in a good customer support management program and such as osTicket, Live Helper Chat and Vision Helpdesk and a few others. You can find the list of software available to you through your Softaculous dashboard. 


Reseller Hosting business is a viable business model with a clear market and a growing list of potential customers. With the right web hosting tools, as listed above, and the right niche, Reseller Hosting can generate considerable income. Once you’ve got these fundamentals right and you can also concentrate on growing your business rather than worrying about hosting problems. Choose your tools and applications wisely to build a profitable Reseller Hosting business and guarantee a recurring income. https://webzworld.com/https://webzworld.com/

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