How To Create List ?

Following are the steps To Create Lists.

1. Login to Your Account

2. It will redirect you to your Dashboard.
Goto Top Menu Bar
Click on the list button

3. From The List Page, you can click the create button to create a new list.

4. On the create list Page you can give a name to your list. also, you are required to give a default from email address and from the name.

And you can add your Organisation Details in the below section.

As shown in the fig.

Click on the create list button

Now you need to enter details

*First List Details

Name: Give a name to your email list

Default From email address: You have to enter from email ID which will show in receivers from mail means email ID of the sender.

Default From name: From Name is the name of a person or company.

Default email subject:
*Second Contact Information: (This information will automatically be filled.)
Company / Organization: Enter the name of your Company / Organization.
State / Province / Region: Enter your state.
Address 1: Enter your address here.
Address 2: Enter your address here.
City: Name of your city.
Zip / Postal code: Enter your Zip / Postal Code.
Country: Name of your Country.
Phone: Enter your Phone Number 
Email: Enter Your email 
Now Click on Save Button.

5. After you finish filling up the form you can press Save button which is at the bottom of the Page.

6. Once you hit the save button a popup will pop which tells you that the list is successfully created. You can press OK and your list will be created.

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