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Cloud Storage – File Sharing Under Your Control

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Details Briefs
License AGPLv3
(Must share customizations with Community)
Support Webzworld Support  via Email & Chat (8×5)
Documentation YES
Mobile Clients YES
Desktop Clients for Windows, iOS, Linux YES
Onboarding/Migration Assistance NA
Calendar Optional (Not Supported)
Contacts Optional (Not Supported)
Photo Gallery YES
Antivirus YES
File Firewall NA
Logging Module w/ Reporting NA
Audit & Reporting NA
Oracle DB Support NA


Cloud Storage – Access, Control & Manage Files From Any Device


As a busy knowledge worker, you may be in the airport when you have an urgent request from one of your executives to send a critical file ASAP. Your flight is about to board and you don’t have time to fire up your laptop, access the internet, access the VPN, start email, attach the file, sync the client – all just to send the file. But, your mobile phone with the Webzworld app lets you go to the file and share it. Done.

Whether in SharePoint, on a Windows network drive or in cloud storage, users have a single interface from which they can access, sync and share files on any device, anytime, from anywhere. Users can quickly find and share the files they need whether shared by others or created themselves. With features like password protection, link expiration, anonymous and full access sharing, files are managed accordingly. And, administrators can easily track and audit file sharing activities.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage


You are working on the final presentation for your big product launch. You save the last version on your desktop, grab your iPad and run for the airport. As you taxi for takeoff you open the JE app, the latest file, which has conveniently synced from your PC to the laptop, is there waiting for your final touches.

With a sync client that keeps the web, desktop and mobile device on the same page, users don’t have to question if they have the latest file version. Running seamlessly in the background, JE actively monitors any file changes and pushes the latest version to all devices and all relevant users wherever they are. JE Cloud Storage gives you a real-time data syncing experience.

Universal File Access

You are IT in an organization that has unstructured data spread across multiple silos. From Windows networks drives to SharePoint to FTP servers and S3. You have created policies and set permissions at the user, file, application, storage or cloud level and you don’t want to duplicate your efforts. Now, with Webzworld, you can provide users a single point of access for all of their unstructured data where permissions, ACLs and compliance requirements are respected and can be met and/or configured at a file, object store or user level. Webzworld Cloud Storage gives you universal file access with un-matched uptime

Universal File Access is a common file access layer that provides access regardless of where the data lives – in applications, object stores, on-premise storage or in the cloud. Users can access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere – all completely managed, secured and controlled by IT. Data is kept where it is while IT is able to manage proprietary information and business risk; leveraging existing data management, security and governance tools and processes.


With JE, uploaded files are scanned with ClamAV, preventing the potential for automated distribution of infected files. ClamAV works within JE to detect Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats. Files are scanned for virus upon initial upload to the JE server. And, with minor customization, you can expand your antivirus protection with external virus scanners to scan files on your chosen storage server. JE Cloud Storage gives you a strong anti-virus protection.


JE is software provided to you, to install in your data center; managed by you, to your policies, following your procedures. Further, encryption at rest secures your files on the server and still allows sharing among users. The File Firewall ensures all access requests meet rules set by the administrator, and existing infrastructure – such as intrusion detection and log management – can provide added layers of security. With WebDAV, mobile libraries and the JE API as well as several enterprise-only apps, secure file sharing is in your control.JE Cloud Storage gives you security against hackers.

User Management

Don’t have a directory? No problem, JE can handle user management for you. View JE users in a single window, sort and search users by user display name, last login, group, or even storage location. New users can be added with a click of a button, sending out an email, while user avatars make it clear who is sharing files and with whom. User management is quick and efficient for admins to add new groups and edit attributes such as group memberships, quota limits, display names and group admin rights.


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