Best Time To Send Email Campaigns

Best Time to sent email

Best Time To Send Email Campaigns

There’s nothing we’d love more than to tell you a magic time and day that would give you the absolute best results for your email campaign.

But while we can’t give you exactly that, we do have more than enough data and proven best practices to offer you something more satisfying than the generic ‘it depends’ answer.

1. Look at the trends

Industry trends are a great starting point when you’re first thinking about the best time to send your email. At Constant Contact, we regularly analyze customer email results to collect industry-specific data to help you know where you stand.

In addition to updating you on the average open, click-through, and bounce rate each month, we also have this helpful chart that identifies prime times to send an email based on general trends by industry.Based on the data, a clear trend across many industries is the highest open rates often occur early in the week.

Monday morning is the optimal time for many different industries — which makes sense as many of your subscribers will approach the beginning of a week refreshed and engaged after the weekend.

2. Think about your audience

Taking another look at the data, it’s interesting to see which industries perform better later in the week. Hotels, Inns, and B&B’s, for example, show best results Wednesday mornings, which might be a result of subscribers making plans for weekend getaways mid-week.

Additionally, religious organizations receive best results mid-day on Thursdays, a time that is likely closer to an upcoming service. When thinking about the best day or time to send an email, focus on your audience.

What do you know about their routines? When does your message have the best chance of reaching them when they have a moment to spare?Remember that a growing number of people are checking emails on their mobile device. People don’t need to be sitting at home or at work in front of a computer to check their emails. This means you’ll need to think differently about how you reach your audience with your email campaigns.

3. Think about your campaign

In addition to thinking about your audience, think about the timing around what you’re sending them. Because most of your contacts will be visiting their inbox every day, timely messages will often get you the best results.

If your restaurant is running a special on appetizers on Thursday, you can experiment with sending emails out the day before, or even send last-minute reminders on the day of the special. Some of your subscribers will jump at the opportunity, and those who miss out might be more likely to join you the next time they get a chance.

4. Set expectations

For many businesses, one of the most important aspects of timing will be to choose a time and stick with it. Ideally, you want your contacts to expect to hear from you and be on the lookout for your next message.

5. Test

Testing is especially useful if you’re working with a large email list. Start by segmenting your list into 2 or 3 smaller groups and experiment with sending the same message out at different times.

Your test could be by time of day, like morning, afternoon or evening. Or you could try early in the week, mid-week, and weekend. Keep everything else consistent so that the timing is the only thing that’s unique.

Compare the open rates of each mailing and you can get a clear picture of what’s working the best.

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