4 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Email Subscribers

4 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Email Subscribers

4 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Email Subscribers

Email remains the biggest form of communication in the business world, and email marketing has grown to be a huge asset in any business’ marketing plan. While there are many factors that go into making your email marketing campaigns successful as well as maintaining that success, it all begins with your subscriber list. After all, having an extraordinary email campaign means nothing if you don’t have anyone to send it out to. Although many companies take the time and energy to build their email marketing list, they often neglect to take the necessary steps to retain those subscribers. To help you avoid losing your email subscribers, we’ve detailed a few subscriber-keeping strategies.

Show you’re legitimate

When you’re setting up your email marketing campaigns, you want to make sure the sender’s email is not only a functioning email address, but also hosted by your company’s domain name, as opposed to a Gmail or Yahoo! email address — something that may send your newsletter to the spam folder. Having and using an email account with your company’s domain name will let readers know who the email is coming from as well as establish a level of professionalism that shows you are a reputable company, which can help you retain your subscribers and increase your open rates.

Personalize your newsletter

Adding some personal touches to your campaign, such as personalizing your greeting or message, can really go a long way. An opening like “Hi Tom” or “Dear Tom” is much more welcoming to your customer than something like “To user.” You can either personalize your subject line, so that your reader will see it’s addressed to them specifically before even opening your email, or in the introduction of your newsletter itself. One way you can ensure you’re getting all your subscribers names, in addition to their email addresses, is to include a first name and last name field on your sign-up form.

Write an interesting subject line

There’s a lot to take into account when it comes to creating the perfect subject line for your emails. You don’t want to mislead your subscribers with click-bait subject lines or promotion-only subject lines, but you also want to create one that’s enticing enough to make your subscribers actually open the email. It should be interesting and relevant to the content your newsletter contains, but at the same time, be short and to the point. Your readers need to be hooked from the beginning, and this starts with your email subject line.

Take advantage of list segmentation

Most people begin to opt-out of email newsletters when they start getting bombarded with content that they have no interest in. That’s where list segmentation comes in handy. By creating multiple lists for your current subscriber list, you can help ensure that your content is targeted, and that your readers are engaged by providing them with the content that interests them. To determine which subscribers to put on which lists, you can give them options to manage their preferences. For example, ask your current audience how frequently they’d like to receive your company’s emails or provide a short multiple-choice survey where they can select the categories interest them the most.

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